• Docs, Med students, Nurses, etc. Check out @ jasminsattache for some stylish and practical bags and up your A-game! - Dr. K. Ong

  • Jasmin, everyone loves the bag. The Nurses are so happy with this year's gift!! - H. Watling, ONA Local 237 Coordinator

  • I purchased your bag 3 years ago, and I am still using it until now. Never ever go to work without it. Love how I can keep all my things ready and prepared for all my patients. ....Lara Sy

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We customize for cooperate giveaways

As a Nurse who believes in my mission, and vission to creating unique products for my fellow Nurses, I am proud & humbly honored for the trust, confidence, and of the Ontario Nurses Association - local 237, local 43, local 68, local 6, local 80, local 111, United Nurses of Alberta - local 1, local 95, The Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association, Manitoba Nurses Union, Saskachewan Union of Nurses, Yukon Community Nursing, and the rest of the the hospitals in the GTA. - We just want to say, thank you, for your trust, & support.

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With the versatility, and durability of our products, Jasmin's Attache' believes we can play an important role in improving the lives of Nurses, doctors, and patients, around the globe.

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Super cute, durable, and stylish. Made with multiple pockets, for an all purpose tote bag. Great for work, school & travel. Get 15% OFF, now!!

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Petite Style Bags are uniquely designed to convert into a sling bag, or a waist bag.

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What sets our brand apart from our competitors?

  • Customization

    Nurses truly deserve to be recognized. We can customize your order, as you see fit.

  • Client Focused

    To simplify the lives of Nurses, and other health care proffesionals. We consistently update our bags, and accesories to the needs of our clients.

  • Price Point

    We work with our clients to create products within their specific price target.

  • Quality

    We have strict quality control that meets or excceds the standards of our clients.