Nurses' Tool Bags

*Patent Pending
Are you a Health Care Professional? Are numerous trips to rooms and utility stations searching for essential tools (tape, flushes, stethoscopes, etc.) making you EXHAUSTED?  How often have you placed your tools in your pockets or on tabletops, only to inadvertently leave them there?  At the end of the day, how high was your level of stress and physical fatigue, and how great an impact did they have on patient care and your personal well-being?

Jasmin's  Attaché is designed to make our lives easier. With versatility, durability, and a unique way to convert the bag for many convenient purposes, you'll find this piece invaluable. Choose from a variety of available sizes, patterns, and colors.
An all purpose bag that can carry all your essential tools in one compact unit. With so many patterns to choose from, you can be sure your style will shine through!