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"Jasmin's Attaché has the medical bag we've all been searching and waitinng for!" - Dr. Kuskne 



"My tools for the job are right with me at all times when I need them.  Thank you!" - Jenny R

"Now I'm worry free.  My child loves the petite size.  Perfect for her life saving medication."  - Laura J

“The bag can contain my pens, scissors, saline flushes, alcohol swabs better accessable, and keeps my stethoscope from hanging on my neck.” - Cho - ER Nurse

”Not a Nurse, but; yes, it saves time as Nurses don’t have to run back and forth to nursing station for supplies” - Khush 

“Keep things organized and close to hand” - Elaine 

“Nurse is prepared when giving care. Been using mine for over a year” - Shyrell

”No more item pocket shoving, and dragging scrub pants” - Happy Nurse G.

”Helps with organization, and everything is at hand. No running back and forth looking for simple and most needed items. The tool belt keeps it on your waist, so it’s out of the way. Having my tools handy makes my day a little less stressful” - Jamaican- Pie 

“It’s beneficial for overall health for Nurses’, Drs’, or anyone who carries a stethoscope around the neck” - Nurse Ivy

”Nurses; I’m telling you, it’s one of those things you will buy, you will never regret, you bought” -  Sandra

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